Strawberry cake recipe

Strawberry cake recipe

The main one factor that sets this strawberry cake aside from others? Reduce fresh strawberry puree lower and increase the best white-colored cake batter. Hug your boxed strawberry cake buh-bye.

This strawberry cake completely is amazing. After many years of mediocre from-scratch strawberry cakes, my expectations were pretty low. The time had come to taste test my efforts. Biting in to the first pastel pink forkful was as soon as of truth…

I cried tears of pleasure. Or were individuals actual tears since i just dirtied every dish with all of this strawberry cake recipe testing? Hmm.

Let’s get lower to business. Homemade strawberry cake is episode one in Sprinkled, my new video series! Watch me result in the recipe below:

I’ve found it difficult to pack real strawberry flavor into cake with no crutch of pretend strawberry flavoring. Transpire was to produce a strawberry layer cake made entirely from real bananas. We’re speaking bananas within the cake as well as in the frosting too. With the aid of freeze-dried bananas, I tackled strawberry frosting. I’ll reach that below. However for strawberry cake? Things will always be pretty lackluster within the flavor and texture department.

Strawberry Cake Problems

So exactly how should we pack real strawberry flavor into cake batter without adding an excessive amount of liquid? Lessen The Bananas Lower. Ding ding ding! There exists a champion.

How you can Pack REAL Strawberry Flavor into Cake

  1. Puree fresh bananas.
  2. Reduce lower around the stove.
  3. Let awesome.
  4. Stir into cake batter.

Puree 1 pound of ruby red bananas. You’ll require a mixer or blender with this step and again whenever you result in the frosting.

Take that strawberry puree and lower it lower around the stove. This, my buddies, is how all of the magic happens. Like I mention above, you’ll need a large amount of concentrated flavor inside a little quantity of liquid.

You’ll start with 1 cup of hot pink puree and lower lower to at least oneOr2 cup. After half an hour, it will likely be very thick and incredibly red. Add this thick and highly concentrated strawberry flavor for your cake batter, rather from the thinner strawberry puree.

The lower strawberry puree will enter in the cake batter. You don’t need to strain the seeds first — they disappear once the cake is baked. Because the reduced strawberry puree must completely awesome lower, I would recommend getting began yesterday. Let the lower strawberry puree sit within the refrigerator overnight making the wedding cake batter the very next day.

Strawberry Cake Batter

The wedding cake batter starts from my white-colored cake. This vanilla flavored cake demonstrated is the best jumping off point for any strawberry cake. I stored a lot of the recipe exactly the same, however i removed a few of the wet ingredients to create room for 1/2 cup of reduced bananas. The wedding cake is light, springy, soft, and fluffy.

The lower strawberry puree will tint the wedding cake batter an attractive pastel pink and, if you would like, you can include a little drop of red or pink food coloring to embellish that hue. Not essential, obviously. (I added a tiny drop.) Expect a velvet-y and slightly thick cake batter.

The Strawberry Frosting

You are able to taste the new strawberry flavor within the baked cake, however the flavor is actually introduced out whenever you blend it with strawberry frosting. Like strawberry cake, strawberry frosting has always left me feeling just a little defeated. Fresh bananas were the problem. The frosting would always curdle in the added moisture. With no quantity of fresh bananas might get me the strawberry flavor I craved. Rather of compromising for artificial strawberry flavor, I required a trick from Sally’s Chocolate Addiction: strawberry dust! Grab some freeze-dried bananas, grind them up, and toss it in to the frosting.

(I really added freeze-dried bananas to cake batter among my test recipes. This was a awful decision as well as an epic fail. The wedding cake was atrocious. Texture, taste, and search. Just… no. But freeze-dried strawbs really are a YES for frosting!)

Rather of the thicker strawberry buttercream, I made use of my smooth cream cheese frosting recipe. Thrown within the freeze-dried strawberry “dust” and milk and it was playing a frosting so pink, Barbie dolls could be jealous!

Let’s Review

The methods to homemade strawberry cake and frosting created using real bananas? (1) Reduced strawberry puree within the cake batter and (2) freeze-dried bananas within the frosting. Have some fun baking!

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