Scalloped potatoes and ham

Scalloped potatoes and ham




I adopted the recipe however i also added 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese that we sprinkled within the middle layer and also the top layer. I additionally used two glasses of milk rather of three since i did not browse the directions properly still it switched out amazing!

It was scrumptious. I skipped the thyme like me not really a fan. I additionally reduce the onion as we’re not onion enthusiasts either. My daughter wasn’t enthused but wound up getting two helpings as did my boy-in-law. It would feed greater than 4. We’ve hearty appetites, coupled with plenty remaining.

Perfect the actual way it is. My hubby stated it had been much like his mother made!

This dish is really excellent. My daughter gifted me some Vasina Rossa Truffle & Salt which i employed for the salt known as for within the recipe. The additional flavor was subtle but was very enjoyable.

Good comfort food recipe. Only 4 stars due to the dietary info. Recipe states 4 servings. There are approximately 9 glasses of ingredients and dietary data is for 1 cup?

I appreciated my grandmother causeing this to be following a pork dinner round the holidays and so i had go for it . and that i don’t even prefer to prepare. It sure would be a mix pleaser despite my picky granddaughters.

It was fantastic.

This recipe is my “go-to” when i wish to make something which everybody will like. Everyone who I serve it to has seconds or thirds. I must make two casseroles at any given time, and individuals have left in under 2 days. Fantastic way to use leftover pork! Certainly takes more than 15 min to prep, since you need to peel and scallop the taters!

Scrumptious however it required longer to prep. Fantastic way to use leftover pork.

I attempted this yesterday also it was good but mine came very liquidy nothing like the image shows. I adopted the components but used dairy rather of twoPercent. I needed to drain a few of the juice. Have no idea why.

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