Pork tenderloin marinade

Pork tenderloin marinade

A simple recipe for Pork Tenderloin Marinade you can use for just about any cooking method including grilled pork tenderloin, oven, or crock-pot pork tenderloin.

If you value marinated meats, you need to certainly try my Flank Steak recipe and my Marinated Chicken Tenders. Oh, and don’t miss my Easy, No Fuss Pork Tenderloin recipe!

Pork tenderloin is among my personal favorite easy cuts of meat to prepare in my family, specifically for a pleasant Sunday dinner that appears fancy but couldn’t be simpler to create. This really is my go-to pork tenderloin marinade recipe, and it’s all because of my Mother, who always trained me the answer to a great pork tenderloin marinade is just 1 part oil, 1 part fresh lemon juice, and a lot of garlic clove!

I’ve since adapted her approach to give a couple of extra flavors, because of this recipe from 15 Spatulas. I season the pork with pepper and salt, add some dijon mustard, and when I’ve fresh rosemary oil on hands, I’ll include that too.

This really is this type of great pork recipe to create in advance because the pork can marinate overnight, or for a few days. You are able to prepare it within the oven or around the grill. Here’s my recipe for simple, No-Fuss Pork Tenderloin.

Are you able to marinate pork tenderloin too lengthy? Based on Foodsafety.gov, marinated pork could be stored securely within the refrigerator for approximately five days. While chicken will probably begin to break lower if marinated more than a couple of days, pork tenderloin can securely endure for a few days when stored properly within the refrigerator.

Yes! You are able to store marinated pork tenderloin within the freezer for approximately 5 several weeks. Simply prepare the marinade as described a location it inside a freezer safe, gallon ziplock bag.

Put the pork tenderloin within the marinade and then try to get just as much air out as you possibly can before sealing the bag. Store lounging flat within the freezer (this helps have a flatter shape until it’s frozen, which makes it simpler to keep).

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