Chocolate cream cheese frosting

Chocolate cream cheese frosting

Last updated on: Feb 22, 2019

Learn to make chocolate cream cheese frosting with this particular easy tutorial. This frosting is super creamy and pipes perfectly!

Probably the most popular frosting recipes on my small website is this homemade cream cheese frosting. It’s certainly one of my personal favorite recipes to make use of since it pairs superbly because of so many different desserts.

So, I made the decision to produce a chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe to express! Since the only factor much better than regular cream cheese frosting is a with chocolate inside it. Right?

This frosting can also be incredibly smooth, creamy, and super chocolatey. An additional benefit? You simply need 5 ingredients to really make it and it takes only a couple of minutes to combine together!

Steps To Make Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

To create this frosting, you’ll begin by beating together one stick of unsalted butter and something 8-ounce package of cream cheese. With regards to the butter and cream cheese, make certain to create them out in advance to allow them to arrived at 70 degrees. This can ensure a significantly smoother and creamier frosting.

I additionally suggest using full-fat cream cheese for any creamier, more potent frosting, but low-fat works too. I don’t suggest using fat-free cream cheese with this recipe though since it doesn’t taste pretty much as good.

Then, you’ll beat in certain pure vanilla flavoring and powdered sugar. You are able to you can sift the powdered sugar first, however i don’t really think it is essential for this task and so i skip it.

At this time, I would recommend stopping and scraping lower the edges from the bowl as you’re mixing within the vanilla flavoring and powdered sugar. This can make sure that things are well combined before you decide to add the cacao powder.

Then, sift the unsweetened cacao powder. I understand, I said it’s okay to skip sifting the powdered sugar, but it’s essential for the cacao powder. By sifting the cacao powder, you are able to remove any large protuberances that may finish in your frosting. Believe me when i state that there’s anything uncomfortable than biting right into a slice of unsweetened cacao powder.

When the cacao powder is incorporated, you may either refrigerate it until you’re available it or go on and frost your cupcakes or cake.


Performs this frosting have to be refrigerated or perhaps is it okay to depart it at 70 degrees?

Because this recipe uses cream cheese it needs to be refrigerated. The frosting is going to be acceptable for a couple of hours at 70 degrees, however i do suggest refrigerating it for just about any time period more than that.

What exactly are some new ways to make use of this frosting?

I truly love by using this frosting on the top of my homemade chocolate cupcakes, but you might utilize it on the top of my chocolate layer cake, white-colored cake, vanilla cupcakes, or these homemade brownies.

Just how much frosting will this recipe make and the number of cupcakes does it frost?

This recipe can make 3 glasses of frosting, which is sufficient to generously frost 14-16 cupcakes. This is enough frosting to frost a 913 cake or gently frost a 2-layer cake. If you like more frosting on the two-layer cake or take some to brighten with, I would recommend multiplying this recipe by 1 1 / 2.

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