Apple pie recipes

Apple pie recipes

This classic homemade apple cake includes a sweet apple filling packed in the scrumptious flaky cake crust. The right cake for fall or Thanksgiving!

Have you got a favorite cake at Thanksgiving? If I needed to choose, my top three pies would need to be pumpkin, pecan, and apple.

I shared my personal favorite pumpkin cake recipe a few years back, additionally, it is actually probably the most popular recipes on my small site! The 2009 week, I shared this pecan cake recipe now I’m discussing a vintage apple cake recipe along with you.

This apple cake is stuffed with an easy sweet apple filling and it’s pretty simple to throw together too. I enjoy top this apple cake having a lattice design, however, you could eliminate some cake crust to brighten the very best your personal way or simply pay for it having a full bit of cake crust. You may also prep this cake yesterday so dessert is able to go the following day!

To create this apple cake, you’ll commence with the filling. The filling is simply a simple combination of sliced apples, granulated sugar, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I made use of a mixture of Honeycrisp and Granny Cruz apples in my cake, but any type of baking apples that you simply prefer works fine.

An important factor, make certain to slice your apples about 1/4-inch thick. I’ve made the error of slicing them far too thin plus they essentially just use mush after they’re baked. I love to measure the first couple of slices to make certain they’re the best thickness, then just eyeball it after that.

I additionally recommend making the filling first in order that it has time for you to take about 15-twenty minutes when you prep the cake crusts. This allows the apples to produce a few of their juices in order that it doesn’t all finish in your cake.

As the filling is sitting for any couple of minutes you are able to prep your cake crusts. I made use of my homemade cake crust recipe with this cake, it can make two cake crusts therefore it works perfectly. If you wish to save some time, you can utilize store-bought cake crusts.

Once you’ve folded your cake dough, you’ll place one out of a cake dish and spoon the apple cake filling in it. I would recommend utilizing a slotted spoon with this step to be able to leave just as much juice in the apples within the bowl. Every time I get this to cake It’s my job to finish track of about 1/3 cup of juice left within my bowl. That’s 1/3 cup of juice that isn’t selecting your cake and keeps your cake from getting a saturated bottom. Believe me about this step!

Then, just us dot the filling with a few butter and decorate the very best any way you like. I capped this cake having a lattice topping, here’s my tutorial for steps to make one.

When the cake is fully baked, you’ll have to allow it to awesome completely before slicing in it. I love to put mine within the refrigerator for a little bit to really make it simpler to slice into, however this step is not required.

You may also serve this cake with a few salted caramel sauce or perhaps a big scoop of the frozen treats!

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